Software | Figma
Skills | Brand Design, UI Design, Prototype, Design System Creation
Timeline | 16 weeks 
Role | Individual Project
Device | Web App (Desktop and Mobile)
History of AirCal
To summarize, Air California is the full name of the company "AirCal" that was established on January 16, 1967, which was founded by William E. Myers and Bill Perrera. Eventually, Air California rebranded to "AirCal," which was later acquired by American Airlines in 1987. The company focused on providing transportation to customers residing and traveling on the West Coast.
Evolution - New Identity

1967 | 1981 - 1987 | 2023

Identity Guidelines and Logo Assests
AirCal is known for its sharp curves within the digital design and branding. A sharp linear curve imitates the an airplane in flight as the line crosses from the first letter, "A" and ends at the letter "R."
The original logo of AirCal brights out the first colors that were used in 1981. It is a great color scheme as different shades can be brought out to match any product. The variation of colors also can be modified to influence and follow modern color schemes and patterns of existing and new products.​​​​​​​
The use of these colors connect not only the logomark but also the logotype. The color within the logo represent the user-friendly visual of color access, which formulates a wide range of color use for the company and future branding. 
Website - Prototype
Mobile - Prototype
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