Software | Figma
Skills | Animation, prototype, wireframe, visual design, research, inspiration, sketch, storyboard
Timeline | 3 weeks 
Role | Individual Project 
Device | Mobile App
Problem Statement
For driver's licenses within the United States, the state that an individual resides in may have limited appointment availability. If a person loses their physical ID, they may need to make an appointment to reinstate their identification. Due to the low number of appointments available, residents may become confused or overwhelmed.
Solution Statement & Goal
During the creation and design of this project, the idea eventually expanded to cover not only a driver's license identification card, but also student IDs, medical insurance cards, and more! Having these cards as a digital resource permits consumers and businesses to streamline interaction. This project utilized redesign, animation, and featured design proofs. The digital ID protects users as they are no longer at risk of losing their identification cards and having their information stolen. This solution is unique and different than the competitor's design as it encompasses security and safety elements in the design.
Design Research
The addition of a biometric scan, or fingerprint, increased the technology-integrated security system, which protected users from harmful and external threats. When consumers feel as if their information is safe, they are more likely to interact with a system. The Cal Digital ID requires the use of a biometric scan before the user can access their homepage and digital identification cards.
Mobile Design
The Conclusion
​​​​​​​The solution provided permits the user to access multiple categories and organize their digital identification cards. Neumorphism demonstrates simplicity through an integrated modern design, similar to minimalism. Integrating simplicity within security is difficult due to the various steps that are frequently involved in security processes. The white and black elements of color ensure that the user is easily guided through the workflow, wireframe, and visual design.
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