Software | Figma
Skills | Animation, prototype, wireframe, visual design, research, inspiration, sketch, storyboard
Timeline | 16 weeks 
Role | Individual Project 
Device | Desktop & Mobile App​​​​​​​
To summarize, this project attempted to focus on the mobile development of the company's website. Within this role, I edited the website to improve its functionality, design, and ensured that the content was streamlined. During this time, I also reduced the number of landing pages the website had and added animations. For the mobile friendly website, the design was optimized and focused on the target audience. The target audience was able to visualize the chart, understand the retirement rates, and inquire for more information.
To demonstrate that the comparison method was utilized, I demonstrated multiple variations of design elements within NewRetirement's website redesign. The design elements now focus on key features such as the Menu, Classroom feature, Visual Charts, and the Section Bar.
The Website Design
The Mobile Design
This website design changes created simplicity through page reduction. Additionally, it provided an increased number of animated visuals. One visual adjusted the timeline year of the user's retirement age, to improve predictions and planning. The improved visuals assisted individuals with savings accounts and budget planning. A sliding scale was added so that users could meet their fiscal retirement goals.
For the mobile design, the website was restructured to focus on the target audience and their savings porfolio. The target audience was able to visualize the chart, retirement rate, and complete tasks to assist them in learning about retirement options. With the implementation of these features, users were able to better comprehend the results of growing their financial portfolios. 
The Project Takeaway
This project provided me with an experimental approach and strengthened my problem-solving skills. The project began with a concept and ended with a completed visual design for not only the computer landing page, but also the mobile site. The visual animations provide NewRetirement with an advantage, as their customers can better understand their retirement benefits. The biggest milestone of this project was the formulation of a simple design for the mobile website. Due to the nature of interactivity, the website will continue to be revised and updated!

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